Critter Control of Syracuse establishes the standards for excellence in the animal pest control industry. Our professional staff consists of biologists, zoologists, certified wildlife specialists, animal control officers and anti-cruelty personnel. We use our expansive skill set to create the best approach for your invasion of squirrels, bats, chipmunks and raccoons. When you call Critter Control of Syracuse, consider your wildlife control problem solved.

Wildlife Control

All wildlife control methods should be species-specific to ensure proper trapping, removal, and prevention. Your technician checks all traps daily. Trapped animals are then released onto privately owned and managed property. Our technicians work hard to get your wildlife problem out of your home quickly.

Damages done by wildlife can be extensive and costly. Bats will leave an abundant amount of guano (bat droppings) where they have colonized. Mice leave behind droppings that are very dangerous to people and pets. This creates an unhealthy atmosphere for your family, in your own home! We will repair any damages and clean up messes left behind. Decontaminating any soiled areas and removing any proof of previous critter invasion.

Our proven prevention techniques keep reoccurring critters out. We know what it is like for you to have on wildlife animal invasion; we do not want you to have another. Our vent guards and screens, chimney caps, and foundation vents leave no room for wildlife to weasel their way back into your home. Our technicians will educate you on other precautions necessary to eliminate possibilities of returning animals.

Home Services

When you need your crawlspace cleaned, insulation replaced, gutters cleaned or a dead animal removed, call Critter Control of Syracuse! We handle much more than wildlife control.

Our technicians will conduct a very thorough inspection. When we come to your home, we will inspect your property inside and out, top to bottom. We can identify all of your potential problem areas and offer you safe, effective, and affordable solutions.

Opossums have a very short life span and are known to crawl into homes and die. If you have a dead animal in your home the smell will be rancid, the stains are difficult to remove and the carcass can attract other unwanted pests. We will remove the dead animal for you, neutralize the stench and decontaminate the area.

Wildlife in your attic can greatly lower the value of your insulation. A low "R" value can make your home less efficient, leading to a rise in heating and cooling bills! Our technicians can replace soiled and ineffective insulation and match the U.S. Department of Energy's guidelines.


Bats, chipmunks, flying squirrels, raccoons, skunks, squirrels, voles, and opossums are a few of our most problem animals. Our technicians can handle problems with these animals and more! There is no animal too small or too big.

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