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Finding a wild animal in your living or workspace is unsettling and unpleasant, and it's hard to know who to call for safe and effective wildlife removal. Critter Control of Syracuse provides the highest quality wildlife removal services and customer care in the Syracuse area. We have experience with all kinds of wildlife trapping, removal and home repair. Whether you have a skunk in your garage, raccoons in the attic or need squirrel removal, we are happy to provide quality service and solutions to your wildlife problems. 

Our team is composed of biologists and wildlife specialists that are thoroughly trained in wildlife control, and we're proud to provide solutions that are safe and humane. We'll carefully remove your unwanted guests, then identify and seal entry points to ensure that they won't be back any time soon. We also provide extensive animal damage repair services, like attic restoration, dropping and feces cleanup and much more - to remove all signs of wildlife disturbances. If you've never had an animal problem and are looking to protect your home our business, let us implement a prevention plan to keep your property out of harm's way. 

Our wildlife removal experts are on call 24 hours a day to deal with your animal control emergency. We provide quality services to the greater Syracuse and Rochester areas. Call us at 315.203.3277 (Syracuse) or 585.280.1950 (Rochester) to schedule your home inspection today.

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